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Let's face it - you like coffee.  You're not afraid of a caffeine.  You're like a bulldog.   Fearless.  Stoic.  When you need cold brew coffee, you don't settle for something a fragile pomeranian named "Bubbles" would sip from a champagne flute.  You want it bold, but not aggressive.  Fierce, but with a heart of gold.  Drink it black, with cream or sugar added, whatever gets you going is fine by us. 

Cold Brewtus StraightBrew is our deliciously smooth, black cold brew coffee.  It wants all of the bold, roasty, and almost dark chocolate flavors right up front and in your face.  StraightBrew is the perfect brew for those that want a bold coffee that doesn't sacrifice flavor for strength.  Our StraightBrew is an exceptional cold brew coffee that never veers into being too bitter or too dark like some coffees do.

We currently sell our Cold Brewtus StraightBrew in our Stubby Bottles, and our BrewBags.

12 oz. StraightBrew Stubby Bottle

12 oz. StraightBrew Stubby Bottle

Stubby Bottles

Long-necks are for giraffes, stout like a bulldog, strong like a bull.  Our 12 oz. Stubby Bottle sports a classic look that'll make you the envy of the whole town.  Packed with caffeine, this cold brew will have you chanting a battle-cry of cold brew coffee success deep into the night. 

Once you pop that cap off, you will be transported into a world of cold brew coffee euphoria, commonly know as: Brewtopia.



The only thing better than 12 oz. of Cold Brewtus, is 50 oz.  Do you have greedy roommates who constantly steal your Cold Brewtus?  Office mates who sometimes just want a small jolt of cold brew goodness?  Are you simply a hermit who doesn't like making numerous trips to the store?  If so, our BrewBag is for you!  Delivering 1.5 L of our StraightBrew through a handsome pouch and nozzle, you are able to drink Cold Brewtus all day, or all at once if you have a really, really big coffee cup. 

The BrewBags are also great for those times you may just want a smaller amount of cold brew, than our 12 oz. offerings.  It's great for mixing into cocktails, and fits perfectly in your fridge.  We wanted to find a way to give you more Cold Brewtus, without making a clunky giant jar that takes up a ton of shelf space, even if there are only a few drops left.  Our BrewBag is the perfect solution.

These are produced on a limited basis, so please inquire about availabilty.

1.5L / 50 oz. StraightBrew BrewBag

1.5L / 50 oz. StraightBrew BrewBag