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Cold Brewtus is coffee, with an attitude.

The culmination of years of hard work and passion, Cold Brewtus officially started operations at the beginning of 2015.  Having owned and worked in coffee shops previously, father and son pair Bill and Will Peters set out to bring a superior coffee to the state of Vermont.  After researching, and reading everything they could find about the cold brewing process, the two developed their own way to make cold brew coffee.  Many bean combinations, and many brews later, they ultimately settled on the cold brew that was worthy of being called Cold Brewtus.

Enlisting the help of Mike Getty, the company was able to cover the state of Vermont with its NitroBrew and StraightBrew coffees.  By the end of the first year, Cold Brewtus began selling to distributors outside of their home state.  CB has made it a priority to bring their cold brew to as many people as possible, without sacrificing any of the qualities that made them a hometown success.



Bill Peters
Operations Manager

Will Peters

Mike Getty
Art Director

Stephen Pivonka

Giving back is essential to our company.

At Cold Brewtus, we value the support our community has given us.  Without our customers we cannot continue as a company.  It is with that connection to our community in mind, that we pledge to give 10% of all profits to charities focused on feeding the hungry. 


What is cold brew coffee?

What an excellent question!  First of all, it is not iced coffee, it is Cold Brew Coffee.  Iced coffee is cooled, and watered down hot coffee.  With typical coffee, boiling water is poured over the grounds, releasing tannins and oils.  These are largely what gives hot coffee its bitter and acidic flavors.  Cold brewing avoids those unpleasant flavors by never letting hot water touch the brew.  Cold brew coffee is a way of making coffee specifically to be served cold.  It starts by taking roasted coffee, grinding it up freshly, and letting it sit in cold water for between 16-24 hours.  The longer brew time allows for a smoother flavor to come from the beans, but with all the caffeinated punch you want from your morning coffee.  Less bitter, less acidic, but full of caffeine and flavor are the hallmarks of cold brew coffee.